Text message story about Door Dash employee

DoorDash Proves It's Shady AF In This Incredibly Frustrating Text Message Thread

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Works Every Time!

Fake sign telling you to try yelling if you're feeling angry or stressed out
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Why Am I Like This

Caption that reads, "When you're mad but you don't know why you're mad and you're being rude and wanna stop being rude but can't because you're mad" above a pic of angry Spongebob
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kid frustrated Mitt Romney tired barack obama election crying - 43983873

This Little Girl is Tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney

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It's What We're All Thinking!

joe biden paul ryan vice-presidential debate frustrated - 6678401280
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How Am I Supposed to Catch Them All Under These Conditions?

paul ryan campaign frustrated issues Pokémon - 6635480320
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Not Me, I'll Tell You That!

disappointed frustrated military soldier - 6587341824
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Free Riot Or Bust... I'll Take Her Bust!

censorship chainsaw free pussy riot frustrated - 6527795968
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