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Shrek Memes For People Who Still Like Shrek Memes

There's got to be some of you out there
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People Share All the Characters They Think Didn't Deserve Their Fate

Writers can be so cruel
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'Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Hole': Fans debunk the Davy Jones curse, proving that the tentacle-faced captain could have broken the curse with just a bucket of water

'Pirates of the Caribbean Plot Hole': Fans debunk the Davy Jones curse, proving that the tentacle-faced captain could have broken the spell with just a bucket of water

So you're telling me that Davy Jones could have been cruising on land this whole time?
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Twitter Reacts to The Barbie Movie Trailer

There is no movie coming out in 2023 with more Twitter hype than Barbie . The upcoming movie is directed by Greta Gerwig, who brought us modern classics like Ladybird and Little Women . Her involvement has piqued the public's interest in this project from the beginning. Initially, it was rumored that comedian Amy Schumer would cinch the titular role, but after much backlash, it was revealed that Margot Robbie would be playing everyone's favorite fashion doll. Barbie is such an iconic internatio…
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The Funniest Oscars Tweets For 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' Superfans

This year's Oscars went off without a hitch! I know many of us tuned into the 95th Academy Awards last night to see how many hack jokes about The Slap would happen, and I was one of those people! Jimmy Kimmel did…fine as the host. We had one big upset in the category of Best Supporting Actress with Jamie Lee Curtis beating Angela Bassett. The two main winners of the night were All Quiet on the Western Front and Everything Everywhere All At Once . Everything Everywhere All At Once is now the mos…
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A list of Tweet where people react to the Oscar Nominations for the 95th annual Oscars

The Best Tweets Reacting to the 2023 Oscar Nominations

Was your favorite movie snubbed?
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A compilation of memes about American Psycho and Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman Memes For American Psycho Superfans

I have to return some videotapes
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Reddit Thread where Movie Buffs Discuss The Rare Remakes That Reign Supreme Over The Original Film

Movie Buffs Discuss The Rare Remakes That Reign Supreme Over The Original Film

Some say that all Hollywood is these days is unoriginal sequels and remakes , and they aren't entirely wrong. However, not all franchises are created equally, and there are some crappy remakes that I will always be willing to see. My favorite franchises that have been repeatedly rehashed are Batman and Willy Wonka. I'm still conflicted over whether the OG Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) is better than the remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). The remake came out when I w…
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He was Zeus for a Reason

From the Movies i will kill you liam neeson taken the ring Zeus - 6510872576
Created by Codabah

Religious Bale

batman christian bale From the Movies Movie religion - 6511364864
Created by Unknown

Gaston's No Beast

Beauty and the Beast cartoons From the Movies Gaston - 6507780864
Created by Unknown

Harvey Dental: Hurts Both of Your Faces

batman dentists From the Movies sign two face - 6506598656
Created by megelyse44

Comixed: Together We Can Exterminate the Galaxy

dalek doctor who Exterminate From the Movies Memes r2d2 star wars - 6464639744
Created by arbie

The Mockingjay Rises

best of week From the Movies katniss Movie punishment the dark knight rises hunger games - 6482951936
Created by trollbrochad

Comixed: The Hero We All Need

batman best of week From the Movies Memes Movie the dark knight rises - 6481542912
Created by Dangoledoodledoc

Honest Pattinson

best of week cheating From the Movies kristin stewart robert pattinson twilight - 6493565952
Created by PrincessWordplay
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