It's a Fact, Guns Cure The Blues And Make Everyone Safer

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Would You Like One?

pickup lines funny frog - 8369148416

Doesn't That Turn You Blue?

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Created by kaya2209

Perhaps She's Not Feeling Well

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Mother Nature Can Be Stupid

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That's So Many Tadpoles - GIF

GIF of a frog doing it's thing and laying lots of tadpoles into the water.

Your Family Heritage is Ribbiting

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Space Bat Has a New Astronaut Companion: Space Frog

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Frog Squee

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Created by anselmbe

These Frogs Will Fight Past Death

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I Amphurious at This

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Who Peeled That Frog?

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Created by Awesome_Banana_Fruitcake

It Isn't Easy Being Green

Sad puns frog - 7041835008

Re-Framed: Croc-a-Ducks Won't Eat These

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Created by PineappleDave

I Was Gonna Guess French, But...

heritage homophone frog - 6898956288

Waiter, There Were Too Many Flies in My Soup

cute full frog - 6920530176