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Homies Gotta Look Out For Each Other

Caption that reads, "When you tease your friends but you don't go too hard cause they're your friends after all" above a pic of a sign that reads, "Roasted with care, proudly served"
Via chumpakabra
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Sooo Relatable

Caption that reads, "My favorite hobby is tagging complete strangers in relatable content" above a pic of a college girl in her clean dorm next to a pic of the same girl in her messy room; someone tags and comments a random person saying "Lmao this is so us"
Via dankeddesimemes
Cute photos of patrick stweart and ian mckellen.

27 Wholesome Pics Celebrating The Friendship of Sir Patrick And Sir Ian

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Gonna Be SO Much Fun

Funny meme about being poor and trying to plan a vacation with your bestie.
Via @memebase
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That's What Friends Are For

Funny meme about friends taking care of you when you have a hangoer, aliens.
Via TheTelevangelist

It's A Hard Life

Funny meme about making your friends laugh and then coming home depressed.
Via distinguishedbaloney

Quiet Down Now!

Caption that reads, "When your joke is bomb and you gotta wait for the squad to settle down" above a pic of a guy looking very eager to speak at a podium
Via odie0101


Funny meme about watching your friend do stupid shit.
Via stability


Text conversation where Person 1 says, "You aren't gonna believe who is beautiful!" Person 2 says, "Who is?" and Person 1 says, "Read the first two words"
Via Yuub
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