TikToker Gets a Text from Her Nail Tech, Wholesome Relationship Blossoms, Goes Viral

TikToker Gets a Text from Her Nail Tech, Wholesome Relationship Blossoms, Goes Viral

It started with a text and now her nail tech just wants her to find a nice husband.
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Happy Wholesome Memes Filled With Good Feels

It's pretty easy to feel discouraged when things get tough. Over the past couple years it feels like we've been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Every time we start to glimpse something optimistic in the distance, it's quickly snuffed out by yet another terrible world event. At a certain point, you have to stop hoping that something good will happen and create positivity in the present. That can be done by making a list of things you're grateful for, indulging in a little self ca…
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humans being bros, wholesome, wholesome tweets, wholesome memes, memes, reddit, aww, love, compassion, friendship, heartwarming tearjerker | William Jensen @HueyJensen Found out at my grandpa's funeral during eulogy he died they found small piece paper his wallet with "Magic Gathering" written on My grandma wrote him so he could remember name game played brag about despite Alzheimers | single most important item home has value 1 or less AskReddit

Wholesome Moments of Humans Being Good

Faith in humanity: restored
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Happy & Wholesome Memes For Turning Frowns Upside Down

In the words of Limp Bizkt's Fred Durst, “It's just one of those days.” It's one of those days where you don't want to wake up, everything is f*****, and really, everybody sucks. It's simply one of those days, when (despite not really knowing why) you want to justify ripping someone's head off. Okay, okay. Maybe we've been listening to too much nu-metal while operating within a thick and ugly funk. But seriously. We're not sure why, but everything simply feels… bad. Maybe it's because winter ha…
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Twitter thread about the etiquette of charging friends for dinner

People Debate the Ethics of Charging Dinner Party Guests For Food

Entertaining is nothing new, but it's something I've done a lot more since the beginning of the pandemic. It's become something of a ritual with my friends. I whip up dinner, people bring wine, we laugh and then say our goodbyes until the next intimate soiree. The same is true for when my friends come by - either we each bring something to contribute (especially when we're whipping up pizza in the backyard) or we pool funds to order something if we are feeling lazy. Rarely, if ever, does money…
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marriage proposal, engagement, proposal, relationship, friendship, best friend, disguise, costume, tiktok

Dedicated Bestie Dresses In Disguise To Film Her Friend’s Engagement

It’s impressive
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reddit, relationship, dating, friendship, men, women, creepy, communication, advice

Redditor Gets Scammed Into “Dating” Male Friend

Just back away slowly
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Tumblr thread about men and women friendship, relationships, incels

Fascinating Tumblr Thread Discusses the Depressing Dynamics of Male/Female Friendships

Have you ever found out that a guy you thought was your friend was telling people you " friend zoned " him? The situation is not uncommon. As a thirty-something year old woman, it's been an interesting time navigating the world of male/female friendships. While I have quite a few good male friends who haven't shown any sign of romantic or sexual interest , there were plenty who resented their platonic designation. I'd hear about their frustration second-hand, and question the entire basis of ou…
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Heartening Thread Shows How Friendship Gets People Through Hard Times

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wholesome animals cute animals happy friendship elephants - 107724289

Adorable Elephants Rejoice Upon Being Reunited With Their Caretaker

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Happy Sappy Memes Full of Wholesome Themes

Turn that frown upside down.
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Life lessons that people learned at great personal cost.

Lessons People Learned at Great Personal Cost

Learn from their experiences.
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rejection, relationship, fail, down bad, twitter, friendship, text

15+ Rejections That Sting Like They Happened Personally

Taking an L never seemed so cringeworthy.
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Wholesome instances of men doing good, non-toxic masculinity, boys

23 Endearing Instances Of Wholesome Masculinity

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Happy, wholesome and positive memes, end sadness, love and friendship, cute animals, bob ross

Wholesome Memes To Cleanse Your Mental Palate

Turn them frowns upside down.
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Wholesome memes, heartwarming memes | lex @alexaknierim while bartending today guy comes hands 40 says woman green hat black shirt is coming later 's FOX. tell her drinks on later she comes tell her about she starts laughing says my husband" if ain't goals idk is | run into an old friend and y'all have been riding two different waves but love's still there David Duchovny and Marilyn Manson

19 Wholesome Posts To Drown Out The Sadness

We love to see it
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