Funny meme about how when one of your friends says thanks for dinner all your other friends start saying thank you | my parents buys me and my friends dinner one friend: hey thanks for dinner everyone else: thanks thank you yeah thank you
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And I'm Not Going To Follow The Account Either

Funny Lisa Simpson presentation meme about when your friend sends you a meme on Instagram and the account is private | I cannot see the post you sent me because the account was private
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Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

Funny meme that reads, "Me: Hey man can you pass me my guitar; friend: Sure man" above a photo of someone holding up a guitar by its strings
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Funny and relatable memes about the difficulties of making friends as an adult | spongebob holding a sign really wanna be ur friend but have no idea start conversation. tweet by apocalynds Adult friendship 2 people saying haven't seen forever should really hang out more over and over again until one dies

Bunch Of Memes About The Trials Of Making Friends As An Adult

Adulting sucks.
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Funny mashup video of The Witcher with the Friends theme song

'Friends' Theme Song Works Surprisingly Well With 'The Witcher'

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You Idiot

Funny meme that reads, "'Why do you look so tired?' Me: Because I work, mf" above a photo of a confused Obama
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Funny Twitter thread where a pro hockey player tries to flirt with Anna Kendrick | Anthony Beauvillier @titobeauvi21 Hi @Annakendrick47. DanyAllstar15 Replying titobeauvi21 and @AnnaKendrick47 hey man thanks letting use gear during fundraiser held animal shelter save puppies cup way too big but other than everything worked fine. Thanks again

Pro Hockey Player Shoots His Shot With Anna Kendrick, His Buddies Back Him Up

Well Anna, what'll it be??
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Those Were The Days Man

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Kids in the '90s playing games on a PC" above pics of a group of kids looking overly excited while playing said games
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So True

Funny Spongebob meme about maintaining different personalities that you cultivate around different people
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Funny meme that reads, "When your friend is getting yelled at by his mom and ur just sitting there like" above a photo of an awkward shark
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Omg Sad

Funny meme where someone googles why no one came to their birthday party, and the FBI shows up
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It's Me

Funny meme that reads, "Me after noticing the slightest change in how someone talks to me" above a pic of Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls crying
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So Many Important Things To Do

Funny meme about wanting to be invited out to things but then not wanting to go after all
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Hell Yeah I Am

Funny meme that reads, "Everyone: Are you gonna continue to post shitty memes? Me: ..." above a photo of a buoy in the ocean that has "yeah buoy" written on it
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Funny twitter meme, "guys really live in apartments like this"

'Guys Really Live In Apartments Like This' Is Our New Favorite Twitter Meme

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Funny and clever text message exchanges

Fourteen Hilarious Text Messages From Clever People

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