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Dude Falls For 'FWB' In Quarantine & Wholesomely Asks Reddit For Advice

While we're happy for all anyone who has had a "successful" friends with benefits situation, but in our experience someone almost always gets hurt. The current climate is an especially weird time for "no-strings attached" lovers. While some people are going months without seeing their sexual partners, others have instead decided to shack up for quarantine. This r/relationships post  (since deleted) deals with the latter. After a couple years  of being sexually involved, and finally after quarantining with her, this guy has started to catch feelings. The confused dude took to Reddit to express his conflicted feelings, and after the post was shared on Twitter, many users decided to share their two cents. While we think it is rotten to string someone along, it's important to remember these people are in their early twenties. It's normal for a 21 year old to be somewhat immature in love. We're just glad he seems to be wising up emotionally. 

Twitter thread and reddit thread about guy who falls for his friend with benefit while in quarantine. | Being quarantined with my (21m) FWB (20f) has changed things between us immensely think realized love her, but almost feel telling her after so long would be unfair. Relationships | Matt Nedostup O @nedostup Replying redditships Has this fuckboy finally become fuckman? 9:28 AM 5/5/20 Twitter iPhone
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