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Fifteen Friendship Memes For People Who Miss Their Homies

Tested positive for missing the homies.
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No I Am Not

Funny Skeletor meme about making mean jokes to your friends
Via thekingsurinal

Not Gonna Happen

Caption that reads, "When you get your friend to download Reddit and then they ask for your username" above a pic of T'Challa saying, "We don't do that here"
Via oenavia
funny dating profile

Dude Sets Up Dating Profile for Friend and Hides Sloths in Every Photo

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Likability Of People Who Use the Word "Like"

always annoying day friend hour like normal teens word - 2203996928
By Unknown

Her Grammar Wasn't So Great Either

Like a Boss friend derpette - 8462740736
By MinecraftTrollGirl

When you tell your friend their breath stinks

break breath chew face friend gum Pie Chart smell teeth - 3022775552
By sonotoriginal

You're a Wizard!

earphones Challenge Accepted friend - 8375592704
By Unknown

Every Freakin' Time...

friend lol underwear - 8265068544
By Unknown

It's Hard to Friend What You Can't See

friend ninjas funny - 8201850624
By Unknown

I'll Take the Fried Chicks

Sexy Ladies chicken friend funny - 6812012288
By xyzpdq1

In It to Win It

cake birthday friend - 7651780864
By Unknown

Can I Stay With You?

wtf friend idiots - 4503117824
By TyphoidMarty

Everyone's Friends are Jerks

password phone friend facebook - 7308222464
By Unknown

Out Last Night.. This Was a Friend

friend night - 7028595200
By jacktheninjadude

I've Never Seen so Much Snow

Room - Tried to convince a friend he'd been snowed in
By Unknown
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