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He Tried, And That's All That Matters

Funny tweet by Jay Inslee that reads, "I'm a Boomer and it's time for our generation to do our part to defeat climate change. Ok, Boomers? (Did I do that right?)" above a still of Will Smith saying, "He a little confused, but he got the spirit"
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'He A Little Confused But He Got The Spirit' Memes People Who Don't Quite Get It

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Well Would Ya Look At That!

Funny meme featuring Will Smith that reads, "When you are randomly browsing Pornhub and run into a comment you saw in a meme"
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You Don't Really Need To Watch It

Caption that reads, "When you rewatch Infinity War and see all the scenes that became a meme" above a still of Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air taking pictures out of a taxi
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The Mental Gymnastics Is Astounding

Caption that reads, "Why do pizzas come in a square box, made as circles and eaten as triangles?" above a pic of Will Smith from the Fresh Prince looking shocked
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Am A Scholar

Funny meme about feeling smart when listening to podcasts.
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Oh god

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This Fresh Prince Remix of British Politicians Sums up England's 2016

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The Traveling Prince

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A Biologist's Perspective


Fresh Prince Keeps On Spittin´

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