Watch Out

Funny dank meme that reads, "French Revolution: *happens;* French nobility: ..." above a photo of a misplaced ad on a bus that makes it look like a kid's head was cut off
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Funny European

European Memes For Those Hungary For Some Dumb Comedy

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Big Facts

Funny tweet about the word hors d'oeuvres.
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That Is One Thing You Could Do, Yes

Text conversation where person 1 says, "What's the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day?" and person 2 says, "I would probably fly to Paris, find a street-performing mime, and beat him to death...the applause he would get would be astounding"
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They Were Really Cute For Five Minutes

Caption that reads, "When you drink two glasses of red wine while watching Amelie and decide to cut your own bangs" above a pic of Mark Zuckerberg in court
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Funny language memes and posts.

31 Clever Language Posts For The Cunning Linguists

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tumblr goes into how messed up learning other languages can be

This Tumblr Thread Highlights How F*cked Up Languages Are

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Funny steamed hams video meme, french new wave, criterion collection, principal skinner, superintendent chalmers.

VIDEO: Steamed Hams But It's French New Wave

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Photoshop Battle of The Day: A French Guy in His Underwear Attacked Journalists With a Shovel

Photoshop Battle of The Day: A French Guy in His Underwear Attacked Journalists With a Shovel
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The Saddest Wii

video games french wii funny - 8397061376

Sacre ACHOO!

class true story sneeze french crush - 8559151872

What's for Dinner?

french spelling - 8292717056

Don't Mention It!

world war 2 Germany french france world war II - 8109800960


i lied french le rerage - 7960658944
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She Must Be French

gifs tongue french - 8458874368
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Le Soon

french Impending Doom Reframe SOON Tenso - 6113824000
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