Hold Up Now

Caption that reads, "Me when I'm crossing the street and a car acts like they not gonna stop" above pics of a guy staring off into the distance
Via PyerseDandridge

Deal With It

Badass Movie christopher walken gun freeze - 6818176000
Created by Herold

But Then the Earth Would FREEZE

freeze global warming i dont want to i dont want to live on this planet anymore sun water - 6525599744
Created by ninjanyan

Not Sure if Burning or Freezing

burn freeze fry Heat shower - 5733792256
See all captions Created by Avenged777Fold

The Only Thing to Do

all the things blue screen computer freeze the internets - 5075443712
Created by eckoo


freeze frozen ice Mortal Kombat reaction guys - 4948268800
Created by Carlos

Forever Alone: Freeze Tag Takes Forever

alone forever alone freeze games tag - 4928406528
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