Pic of coins that have had the faces cut out; someone asks in the comments "at what cost" and another person replies "16 cents"
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The Skeleton War Is Coming

Caption that reads, "If you feel uncomfortable in the night, please understand it is just your skeleton's inherent need for freedom" above illustrations of a guy sleeping with his skeleton dancing around inside of him
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Marie Antoinette Wasn't Wrong

Funny meme about eating cake as an adult no matter the occasion.
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So Majestic

eagles freedom image So Majestic
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Let Freedom Reign

freedom gifs critters running rhinos - 8423178752
By anselmbe
freedom bride photoshop Reddit - 615685

Photoshop Battle of the Day: This Bride Cutting Her Chastity Belt Didn't Need Any Photoshopping, but the Internet Gave Her Some Anyway

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Sharks Are Our Friends

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BBQ Eagle

freedom eagles - 8540662784
By gloverjj

Well That's an Odd Protest

sign freedom hell wrong - 3426513920
By oceansize

365 Days a Year, Baby!

freedom independence day fourth of july - 8246636288

So Much for Being Free

freedom independence day fourth of july - 8242485248

Use This Bolt Action Pen to Write With Freedom

freedom pens bullets - 7975054592
By Unknown

The Best Flavor

freedom funny - 8108970240
By GretaSaysGo

Freedom Served With More Freedom

freedom merica - 7881147648
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Damn Straight


The Embodiment of Freedom

freedom flags - 8390642944
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