Woman Goes Viral for Overdramatic Freakout When Seals Started to Swim Near Her As She's Ocean Kayaking

Woman Goes Viral for Overdramatic Freakout When Seals Started to Swim Near Her As She's Ocean Kayaking

The seals aren't even that close to them and she's already said “oh my god” WAY too many times.
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Unhinged Stepfather Destroys Kid’s Xbox for No Reason, Dad Demands Him to Buy a New One

There's no be-all and end-all rule book for parenting. Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a good parent, and sometimes differences in opinion can lead to some spicy familial conflict. That said, I think we can all agree that a good rule of thumb is to not be an asshole. Distraught dad u/Hills-Mountains35 turned to Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole for guidance after his son's stepfather, on some sort of rabid power trip, threw the kid's new Xbox into a swimming pool. The kid had been saving up
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cringe, comments, witty comebacks, freakout, facebook, insane people facebook, fail, facepalm, conspiracy, covidiots, covid-19, anti vax, anti mask, stupid people, social media | Lower cognitive ability linked non-compliance with social distancing guidelines during coronavirus don't know lower cognitive ability means, but certainly won't wear mask ever | I've had great idea years everyone over 21 gets 1 vote every $1000 pay federal income tax get an additional vote way people who actually pay

Stupid Statements From The Idiots & Lunatics Of Social Media

These people need to stay off the internet.
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kids having meltdowns over mundane things | He can't get down crying child sitting inside a truck wheel | cooking her eggs instead feeding them her raw small child reaching for the camera

22 Hysterical Snaps Of Kids Having Meltdowns Over Mundane Things

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cringe, facebook, social media, funny, comments, conspiracy, facepalm | Omg word advice, NEVER try cremate deceased pet oven Not only is worst smell imaginable they do not turn ashes they just burn this day did not start off good! | 7 months ago had beautiful dream making love President Donald Trump! Shortly after found out pregnant with his BABY! GOD SENT DONALD TRUMP SAVE US ALL AND THROUGH HIS SON WILL BE BORN AM SO BLESSED GOD CHOSE THIS IMMACULATE CONCEPTION NO COINCIDENCE OUR NEW SAVIOR

Troubled People Who Should Delete Facebook Immediately

And spare us the cringe
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Funny dank memes featuring Joe Rogan Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik freaking out |  My organs watching consume fruit | My dog he gets fed exact same meal 487th time row @memebase

Joe Rogan Freaks Out In This Amusing New Reaction Meme

Joe Rogan freaks the f*ck out in this new dank meme.
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Nickelodeon Was Always V Clever

Scene from, Victorious where Andre's grandma asks why there's a helicopter in the kitchen, and he replies that it's just a ceiling fan; Tumblr user comments, "Seriously what the actual f*ck was Andre's grandma on"
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A Little Existential Dread For Ya

Tumblr post about how we live on a giant floating rock in space and life has no actually meaning
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