Now that's a fox. The animal not the dame we're talking about that wickedly mischievous creature you just can't help but laugh at their antics.

True Fans of The Simpsons Will Understand This

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Fox From Chernobyl Makes a Sandwich

GIF of a fox near Chernobyl making a sandwich with some slices of bread

Johnny Depp (Cry Baby) Totally Looks Like Crazy Fox

fox TLL Johnny Depp - 7034763776
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One Crazy Fox

slide fox funny - 8457741312

Smash Art of the Apex Winners Finals

super smash bros Fan Art fox - 8454040064
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I See What You Did There

fox meta knight super smash bros pikachu - 8434469120
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Fox is Ready to Settle It in Smash

the shining fox super smash bros - 8422724096
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Cookies Are Getting Harder to Eat

gifs fox eating cookies - 8396279296
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This Amiibo Must Have Taken a Good Smash

super smash bros fox amiibo - 8385342720
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Can't Think, Must Stop Looking

dammit fox brain funny - 8381494784
super smash bros fox the shining - 66333697

The Shining

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Best Kids Movie Ever

awesome cat fox funny Movie - 8226067456

Who Gave That Fox a Gun?

guns wtf fox funny - 8109537280
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Just Try to Blend In

dogs survival fox funny - 8086672384

Fox Are So Vain

awesome animals fox funny - 8081135616

Foxing the Fox

sheets fox funny - 8071343360