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Funniest Non-Political Trump Memes Floating Around the Internet

Funniest Non-Political Trump Memes Floating Around the Internet

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Funny video of Laura Ingraham getting confused about the Netflix show 'You' with Raymond Arroyo, woke television, stupid, fail

Laura Ingraham's Hilarious Confusion Over Netflix's 'You' Is Delighting the Internet

Ah, the schadenfreude.
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Funny tweets about the "5 Types of Men to Avoid" challenge | Evie Fordham @eviefordham All right y'all, my challenge is: 5 types MEN AVOID -men who like jazz -men who like their roommates -men who think Weeknd is deep men with podcasts -men who DON'T CARE ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING

'Five Types Of Men To Avoid' Challenge Is Rustling Some Jimmies On Twitter

This is...a little misguided to say the least.
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twitter news wtf fox news donald trump trump roast geography funny tweets roasted mexico - 8060933

Fox News Is Getting Twitter-Roasted For Their Monumental Geography Mishap

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This Is A Ripoff

Tweet that reads, "Not to sound politically unaware but did you guys know Fox News has absolutely no news about foxes"
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Donald Trump Jr. Is Winning The Game

Caption that reads, "When a witch says your tongue has to float in the middle of your mouth without touching anything or you'll die" above a pic of Donald Trump Jr. with a stupid look on his face
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This Is The Onion...Right?

Headline that reads, "Kylie Jenner set to be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire" over a picture of Mike Meyers using air quotes
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Get Real, Fox News

Fox News warns about marijuana edibles being given to kids on Halloween, someone points out that no one would willingly give away their weed
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hilarious Republicans conservatives fox news FAIL donald trump Awkward tomi lahren politics - 5723909

Tomi Lahren Got A Drink Thrown At Her And The People Are Laughing Hysterically

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The Dream of Roger the Hutt (original content)

fox news - 8819762432
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Fox News is now hiring.

fox news - 8819730688
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fox news americana FAIL irish reactions Video - 77222913

Irish People Watch The Worst of Fox News and Have the Same Reaction as Most Of Us

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fox news star wars Video - 75584001

Fox News Doesn't Understand Why You're So Excited About Star Wars, Ya Nerds

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twitter fox news facebook - 451332

Fox News is Finally Right About Something: You Shouldn't be Freaking Out Because Facebook is Down

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Republicans fox news donald trump GOP - 73340929

The First GOP Debate Gets a Groovy Remix

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fox news McDonald's chicken mcnuggets - 8270348288
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