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Parents Catch Priceless Moment of Their Baby's Reaction to Her First Fourth of July Fireworks Show on Video

Parents Catch Priceless Moment of Their Baby's Reaction to Her First Fourth of July Fireworks Show on Video

We don't deserve her
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Sizzling BBQ Memes To Celebrate While Grilling On July 4th

Celebrating America is great and all, but we'd rather celebrate the glorious art of grilling. There's nothing like the smell of charcoal to get that feeling of celebration going. Plump sausages. Cold beer. Sizzling burgers. Dads flaunting their new Balance sneakers. And if you're lucky, that sweet smell of a chlorinated pool just waiting to be tainted by grubby little ketchup stained hands. Here's to grilling. And here's to memes.
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This Guy Has It Down

Funny pic of a sign on someone's desk about what they were up to over the weekend
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It's True, No One Cares

Funny tweet about posting videos of fireworks from Fourth of July
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PSA For New Years!

Caption that reads, "Let's watch this video of fireworks I took last year! - Said no one ever" above a stock photo pic of people recording fireworks on their smartphones
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funny alex jones roast

Alex Jones Is Getting Roasted For Claiming That The Libs Are Starting A #SecondCivilWar

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Happy Fourth Of July!

Sign that reads, "We're closed Tuesday, July 4th in observation of Brexit 1776"
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From Britain With Love

T-shirt that reads, "Happy treason day, colonial swine"


Funny meme about 4th of july
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Lord Help Us

Funny meme that combines all the memes of July into one giant meme.
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100% Accurate

Funny meme about what girls will be wearing at 4th of July parties with Will Farrell wearing crop top and American Flag short-shorts
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Very Important Question

Funny meme about what dads usually wear while grilling for fourth of july weekend.
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Unsung Heroes

Funny meme about having to work the weekend of 4th of July weekend, man in captain america costume at a desk with a computer.
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PTSD From Fireworks

Funny meme of a dog superimposed on a scene from war, saying when you realize
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Who Brought the Carrot Dogs?

peta hot dog fourth of july - 8819204352
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We Both Decided to Break Up With England

australia fourth of july - 8244088576
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