Funny shitposts about forklifts |  photographer took pictures people before and after they got Forklift certified FORKLIFT-MEMES yellow hardhat helmet | Women aren't impressed by guy who can move pallet heavy boxes with cool machine have college degree and own very nice home. P'll get by on my looks and personally. Yup, there's no need become forklift certified. putting on clown makeup

Dumb Forklift Certified Memes For Extra Cool People

Forklift-certified people are cooler than everyone else.
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Forklift Fiasco

Via Bing

Testing Out Traffic Cones

cones gifs tests forklifts - 8425076224
By Unknown

Well That Didn't Work Right

FAIL gifs forklifts work - 8375471104
By Unknown

That's Teamwork

mindwarp gifs forklifts - 8259643392
By Unknown

Good Job

FAIL gifs forklifts fall - 8120592128
By anselmbe

Machine Does Take Change

machines gifs forklifts tricks change - 7349234944
By ToolBee