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ADHD Memes That Speak The Truth

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It's In There Somewhere

Caption that reads, "Me trying to remember someone's name a minute after they tell me" above paintings of scientists doing research
Via UltraVioletFlamingo

I Should Get a Snack

scumbag brain forgetfulness - 7312885248
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Ultimately, One Becomes the Other

difference forgetfulness free time fry memory - 6241728768

Lame Pun Coon: Déjà Vu

amnesia forgetfulness jokes Lame Pun Coon memory - 5907337216
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Having No Memory Is Romantic

forgetfulness love Scumbag Steve - 5578345984
Created by masonmo2015

Technologically Impaired Duck: Ultimate Reverb

computer forgetfulness headphones Technologically Impaired Duck walking - 5196145920

Close Tab, Remember Instantly

computer forgetfulness Memes tab - 4693244928