Funny memes about having ADHD

ADHD Memes For the Woefully Afflicted

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Every Damn Time

Funny meme about forgetting about whether or not you locked the door when you leave the house, relatable
Via u/toasterwaffle
Funny dank memes about forgetting someone's name right after meeting them

Fifteen Dank Memes For Those Who Forget Names Immediately

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Funny meme featuring Quentin Tarantino that reads, "When you go upstairs to get something but forget what you were doing"
Via LeoSenior

Every Time

Funny meme from 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' about immediately forgetting someone's name
Via Milesosmiles6821

This Isn't Helpful MOM

Funny anime meme about moms when you lose something
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It's In There Somewhere

Caption that reads, "Me trying to remember someone's name a minute after they tell me" above paintings of scientists doing research
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Caption that reads, "*Enters password;* WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG; *resets password;* 'new password can't be your old password'" above pics of a woman trying to figure out math equations on a board
Via emptymyphone

Pro Tip

Tweet that reads, "Before you leave the house, think of the acronym 'WOWEE' - Wallet, phOne, Wkeys, Egg, Egg (backup)"
Via jordanistall

Literally Same

Tweet that reads, "Sorry I didn't text you back, I was pretending I didn't see it and I ended up a actually forgetting"
Via BigFuckingRocket

Not Sure That Rings a Bell

forget broken remember funny image - 5563879168
Created by TessHell

The Modern Equivalent of Forgetting What You Came Into a Room For

google forget rage - 8351534080

Scumbag Brain

forget scumbag brain remember - 8290418432
Created by blauwekool

Why I'm Scared of... Wait, What Was I Saying?

forget passwords amnesia - 7695532288
Created by mazeofspiral


forget pants shirt shoes - 4576488448
Created by Ayria

The Most Interesting Vice Presidential Candidate in the World

forget obamacare support - 6568211712
Via Message Memes
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