An article about Twitter discourse surrounding film bros and marvel fans.

Film Bros Criticize Marvel Fans For Dismissing Foreign Movies

Marvel Fans vs. Film Bros seems to be a tale as old as time as far as online discourse goes. Every couple of months, this meaningless debate over the correct way to consume media is regurgitated for everyone to gobble up. Despite its repetitiveness, the world can't help but get caught up in the drama once again.
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A Message From the Mayor of Reykjavík

mayor gay marriage foreign french politics - 6791683584
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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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I Like This Puppet Show

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Choir Practice

Dmitry Medvedev foreign funny religion russia - 5108249088
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barack obama Democrat demotivational Dmitry Medvedev foreign funny president russia - 5146107136
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Well... That Sounds Horrible!

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William Hague's List of Random Requests by Brits

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Let Me Just Get a Pinch of Those Chubby Cheeks!

fight foreign funny politics Protest - 5464471808
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No Ruckus Here

animal Animal Bomb foreign goat police - 5999981824
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I Regret to Inform You That Your Answer Is...

foreign the internets wrong - 5681135104
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I Migrated Before It Was Cool

family foreign Good Times hipster - 5281450752
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Even Jackie Chan Is Confused

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Socially Awkward Penguin: Ah Yesu, I Speaku Engrishu

accent english foreign japanese language socially awkward penguin - 4899372544
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Can't Tell If Mocking, Or Real Accent

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Podracing: Not For Everyone

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