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Funniest Broke Memes That Make You Regret Blowing Your Rent Money on Black Friday Sales (December 1, 2022)

Funniest Broke Memes That Make You Regret Blowing Your Rent Money on Black Friday Sales (December 2, 2022)

Maybe my landlord with accept Kohl's cash this month?
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Very Sus Goods & Services People Tried To Sell Online

These items are probably still available
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craigslist, crackhead craigslist, facebook marketplace, weird, cursed images, funny, memes, for sale, ebay

Funny and Cursed Things People Tried to Sell Online

Craigslist, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplace are unlikely windows into the soul.
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Story about entitled cheapskate who wants an expensive bike for cheap and gets trolled by the seller | ill give 50$ and thats higest ill go. Sorry, but 's too much low ball offer bike is worth 800 and selling 500, and so price is firm. stupid asshole spent last month saving up money bike just like this and now yoy dont care and wont help anyone other than yourselve, rot hell f t.

Dude Demands Bike For Dirt Cheap, Gets Trolled Like A Chump

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Funny and honest soap scents from Whiskey River Soap Co.

Hilarious Soap Scents That Are Uncomfortably Honest

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Funny story about a scammer who tries to get her money back from a couch seller

Entitled Single Mom Tries To Scam Seller, Gets Caught Red-Handed

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Funny and bizarre Craigslist ads

15 WTF Craigslist Ads That Really Out-Trashed Themselves

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Can't Help Ya Bud

Funny Twitter meme about selling a TV over Facebook Marketplace
Via anlyin
wtf funny stories eggs facebook water cooler facebook marketplace selling sale for sale - 8290565

Guy Selling His Water Cooler For Exactly Two Eggs Turns Into An Egg-ressive Bidding War

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Very Rare These Days

Craigslist advertisement for a car where the headline reads, "Rare, never vaped in"
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The OG

Facebook advertisement for a 'genuine Apple watch' with a pic of a guy wearing a watch made out of an apple
Via jemNoodleGod

Iron Man's Totally Useless Sidekick!

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "You've met Iron Man, now get ready for..." over a pic of a small busy for sale of a Pineapple Boy'
Via NotDan1138
rude entitled customer goes into rage over blanket

Entitled Customer Goes Into Rage Over Instagram Blanket Sale

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Huge Sale!

Store front that says 'Hoe Zone' that's closing down under the caption, "When you get into a serious relationship"
Via ImHereToWasteTime

Nope, Just A Totally Normal House

For sale sign on a house that says, "Not haunted"
Via AlloftheUsernamesIWantedWereNotAvailable
Funny facebook marketplace ads, gross facebook marketplace, stupid facebook marketplace, casting couch. | Necklace - Girls Swap and Shop 1 hour ago Edited Edible panties. Only selling bcuz didn't know my bf didn't like licorice. Fits size large but can eat around waistband and re tie smaller. Only worn once. Like new condition. 40$ obo Like Comment 43 people like this. Trying decide if this is joke or not omg 1 hour ago Like 6 56 OP OP only an hour plus sprayed febreeze on them after kind kills

21 Times Facebook Marketplace Was Hilariously Out Of Control

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