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Guy Baffles Viewers With Wacky Cooking Video

It's modern art
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Guy Fills Cannoli At Airport Security, Becomes Instant Icon

Meanwhile, in Boston:
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WTF, America's Next Top Model only paid $40 for each model, twitter reactions, tweets, shaving head, tyra banks

Former Contestant Confirms 'America's Next Top Model' Paid Contestants Next to Nothing

Beyond reproach.
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Redditors Get Heated Over Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

Delicious drama
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Thread debates whether working in food service or retail is the worse job

People Debate Whether Food Service Or Retail is the More Toxic Gig

They both suck, let's be real.
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20+ Cheese Memes For Dairy Devotees

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The astrology signs, zodiac signs, astrological signs as thanksgiving foods

'The Signs as Thanksgiving Dishes' Isn't Nice to Every Astrology-Believer

While we know that astrology is a controversial topic (people tend to enjoy it, or they don't believe it, or simply don't care), we think that there are a whole lot of great memes that have come of it. There are also tons of astrologers and wannabe astrologers who spend time likening the signs to everything from cringey neckbeards to kitchen appliances . Usually we say the weirder the better, but our absolute favorite assignments have to do with food. I'll never forget the day I saw a post that…
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funny memes, cringeworthy, cringey images, cursed images, yikes | Mar 21 at 1:31 PM O Now look at had do Mac Cheese! Couldn't find any regular milk nowhere beyond pissed! Rey ORI SELL t 03/26/20 rs LIMITED EDITION TruMou gh fructose prup NO GMO Naturally Ravored 130 Mint Vanilla Lowfat M CALL CALINES @natespade | G FUEL® Gaming HOME! GFUEL @GFUELesports CAMINO Tag someone know who plays with controller like this 15:00 24 Aug 20 Sprout Social 25 Retweets 50 Quote Tweets 366 Likes 27

Painfully Cursed Images We Can't Unsee

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People Share The Weirdest Things They “Have A Guy” For

Surprisingly pure
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Chinese Restaurant Resorts to Dino Nuggets Presumably Due to Chicken Shortage

Chickens are basically dinosaurs anyway
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Victims of Lunch Theft Vent About Shameless Office Food Thieves

The nerve of these people
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DoorDash Driver Baffled After Being Asked To Fulfil Order Over 700 Miles Away

What’s the endgame here?
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Twitter reacts to video of woman organizing fridge into binderssand

Woman Organizes Fridge With Binders, Horrifies the Internet

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People Are Horrified At This Aesthetic Account’s Idea Of A Perfect Date

Diarrhea central
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Technician Exposes Filthy Water Used to Make Ice in Fast Food Restaurants

Very cursed
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15+ People Reveal The Overhyped Food They Actually Hate

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