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40 Food Memes Both Funny & Cursed

There are very few guaranteed pleasures in life, but one of them has definitely got to be food. It's one of the only survival necessities that humans have managed to really make an event. When I'm weary from work, I know that if I at least eat something tasty, my mood will improve. While some of these memes may have this delicious effect, there are a whole lot that are cursed and will leave you puzzled, grossed out, and possibly without an appetite. But they're definitely not boring.

Funny, weird and cursed memes, gross food memes, photoshopped food packaging | RIBBED HER PLEASURE 1.49 1.00 265040 501498 1.49 08/21 IPRICE PER LA TOTAL PRICE corn cobs | off work late? hungry, but too tired cook? try 30 40 olives 30 1o olives an easy weeknight dinner eat them directly out jar with fingers will certainly not regret eating 30 40 olives
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