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Restaurant Server Gets Roasted for Stacking 31 Plates

People were less than impressed
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Relatable Restaurant Memes for People Who Have Worked in a Kitchen

A good restaurant hides its behind-the-scenes chaos well. While you're sipping wine and twirling spaghetti to the soothing sounds of smooth jazz, a 90 degree kitchen full of sleep-deprived mad lads is buzzing with energy. And just because you work in a restaurant doesn't mean you have the same experience as your colleagues. The polite server and the no-nonsense line cook, though part of the same ecosystem, exist in very different worlds. If you've ever worked in a kitchen, you'll probably dig th
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Technician Exposes Filthy Water Used to Make Ice in Fast Food Restaurants

Very cursed
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Server Triggers Tipping Debate After Roasting Rude Customers

In a short and not-so-sweet TikTok post, restaurant server @kaybaltazar retaliates against some hypothetical rude customers by applying a 20% tip to their bill. Turns out people have some very mixed feelings about automatic gratuity. The video went viral, gaining over 1 million views and hundreds of comments. While some chanted words of support, others dragged OP for the snarky video and preached their hot takes on tipping etiquette. @kaybaltazar was present in the comments, asserting that the v
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