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Funniest Video of Food Delivery Woman Too Spooked to Drop Off Order at House Decked Out In Top Notch Halloween Decorations Goes Viral

"The way the food would have been left in the mailbox..."
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Parents Debate Whether Kids Should be Allowed to Order DoorDash to School

No McDonalds allowed in Calculus
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A Delicious Assortment of Funny DoorDash Memes & Moments

We salute the courier warriors
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Chipotle Dragged for Preventing Customer From Giving Generous Tip to Delivery Driver

Everyone knows that food delivery drivers are some of the most underpaid gig workers in the industry. Many drivers end up earning less than minimum wage. And on top of that, delivering food while navigating apps can be dangerous business. In 2021, The New York Times reported on a survey of delivery drivers facilitated by the Worker Institute at Cornell University. The survey revealed that "42% of workers had experienced being underpaid or not paid at all. Nearly half said they had crashed while…
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Woman's Doritos Locos taco stolen by Dasher DoorDash, caught from Doritos dust on fingers in photo

DoorDash Employee Busted After Stealing Customer's Doritos Locos Taco

Think, people, think.
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It's All Coming Together

Funny meme about tracking the uber eats driver as they head to your home with your food, mr burns, the simpsons, lol
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Funny meme about a man creating a beacon to help his uber eats driver find him | Uber eats driver couldn't find this guy's house so Reginald Look to the sky. Follow beacon oh my god see
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Funny meme about waiting for your grubhub delivery when it costs $30 but the sandwich is $7, james gandolfini sitting on a stoop / stairs
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Funny comic about uber eats.
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30 Funny Pics To Pull You Up From The Doldrums

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