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Rock Music Memes for Genuine Rockers

While I definitely feel like I have a wide variety of music genres that I listen to these days, I was undoubtedly a rock music kid. I grew up in a rock n' roll household and was constantly exposed to the music. I'm also a long-time bass and guitar player. Although I very much vibe with rock music, it was pretty much all that was available to me, so that's what I ran with. Although, I can't understate how big of an impact the first few “Guitar Hero” games had on my musical taste. I can still rol…
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Funny Memes For A Relaxing Scrolling Experience

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funny memes about the foo fighters fighting foo, dank memes, fresh memes, rock and roll | Boom! No dividers. Goodbye object labeling meme a dam labeled as "FOO FIGHTERS" stopping a body of water labeled as "FOO" from flooding a town labeled as "SOCIETY" | object labeling meme a black man labeled "THE FOO FIGHTERS" holding up a collapsed wall labeled "FOO" to protect a woman and a child labeled "SOCIETY"

Foo Fighters Valiantly Battle Foo In Our New Favorite Memes

So brave.
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So Brave

Funny meme about how the foo fighters are protecting society from foo
Via @memebase

Huh, They Really Do Look Alike!

Caption that reads, "If the singer from Foo Fighters shaved, he'd look just like the drummer from Nirvana" above a pic of Dave Grohl now and a pic of him when he was in Nirvana
Via HellHathNoFuryLikeTheKrakenScorned
Collection of funny reaction gifs involving John Wick, Lord of the Rings, The Office, Tim and Eric, movies, tv, television, barack obama, foo fighters, middle fingers.

Express Yourself: 17 Awesome Reaction GIFs

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rumors foo fighters Video band - 78572801

Foo Fighters Have Finally Released an Official Announcement Amid Rumors of Breakup

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Westboro Baptist Church Dave Grohl protesters foo fighters funny - 73756929

Rick Roll of the Day: Foo Fighters Told Westboro Baptist Church Protesters to Kiss Their Astley

Always looking for something to protest, members of the simply awful Westboro Baptist Church lined up outside of a Foo Fighters concerts in Kansas City, MO Aug. 22. They didn't exactly say what their specific problem was, but they generally hate just about everything, so the Foo Fighters worked for an opportunity to test out their hateful signage. Dave Grohl and company decided not to take it sitting down. Well, they stayed seated, but the band members brought out a rather loud sound system and…
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Music Dave Grohl doctor who foo fighters win - 72868097

This Might Be the Greatest Moment For Dave Grohl's Orthopedic Surgeon, Covering Seven Nation Army on Stage

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Fuuuuuuuu Fighters ROCK!!!

rage guy fffuuu foo fighters - 6184090112
Created by chineseboy541

What If I Say That I'll Never Surrender?

foo fighters lyrics youtube - 6002988288
Created by 008Seravee

He's Gotten the Best of You

bands Dave Grohl foo fighters fry nirvana - 5833142272
Created by Badgersaurusrex
foo fighters IRL Video wbc Westboro Baptist Church - 25990913

Keep It WBClean

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foo fighters rednecks trolls - 45468417

Trolling Level: Foo Fighters

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U Scared, Bridge?

bridge foo fighters youtube - 6094933760
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