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26 ADHD Memes & Tweets For Hyperactive Brains

Distracting memes about distraction
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Funny memes about having ADHD | Moana and Heihei the chicken MY GOALS MY ADHD SYMPTOMS | The Office Pam Today's do list Tomorrow's do list Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. They're same picture.

Fourteen ADHD Memes You Can Hyper-focus On

Memes to help keep y'all focused!
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Pic of random fish guy looking tired under the caption, "When you try to caffeinate yourself but you just end up increasing your heart rate while remaining exhausted"
Via snewthedew


Funny meme about not being able to focus.
Via onlytwitterpics

Whenever You Feel Down, Focus on This GIF

Via Robots For Robots

This Dog Has Ultimate Focus

focus treats gifs - 8414753536
By Unknown

Autumn in Multi-Focus

autumn glasses gifs focus - 8359208704
By ToolBee

Just Focus on Getting That Perfect Tan

funny idiots tanning focus wtf - 8328287744
Via Demented Avenger99

Girl Moves Water With Her Brain

focus gifs water technology funny - 7603041280
By SatevisM (Via Youtube)

The Space Cat Makes More Sense to Me

focus homework Nyan Cat truancy story - 7169530624
By Waffuru7

Every Time!

focus moon camera - 6715217920
By Jlevib


gifs focus cars FAIL wtf puns - 6665185792
By ToolBee

Focus, Man!

animation focus gifs guns mammaries mustache - 6487105792
By kramer2k

Olympic Cameraman's Priority

booty cameraman focus gifs humpday olympics shorts - 6469739776
By Unknown

Multitasking Has Never Looked Better

focus men Multitasking Text Stuffs the b word - 6354307840
By littledevil9

Focus on What's Important

focus guys over 9000 pee Rage Comics toilet - 6154744064
By Unknown
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