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A Fly Won The Vice Presidential Debate

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Video of a guy acting out different bug personalities

This Is The Hilarious Drama That Would Go Down If Insects Could Introduce Themselves

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Why Does No One Talk About This

Caption that reads, "Really hate when flies rub their hands together. WTF are you planning you little a**hole, you have a lifespan of like three days" above a pic of a fly
Via KittiusMaximus

The Tortured Artist vs. The Fly

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Caught up in a Moment

bugs fly spider funny web comics - 8765810432
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Looking for a Unique Pet?

craigslist fly for sale - 8604720640
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FLYing out of my mind

ninja fly vision - 8577969152

When Flies Attack

fly attack - 8564920576
Created by Nyan-Pony

Wolverine Kitteh vs.The Fly

cat fly wolverine funny - 8543863296
Created by jyonasan1957

Surprise Doggy Roll

fly flip - 8526363904
Created by ToolBee


attus volans fly google hilarious spiders - 6473884672
Created by tae5150

*Rubs Front Legs Together*

fly twitter - 8326125824

I Told You He Could Fly

beach fly wtf - 3750149120
Created by Ricardo Vega

How Dodrio Flies

Pokémon fly gifs dodrio - 8420162560
Created by ApexxWolf ( Via apexxwolf )
Pokémon fly gifs dodrio - 345093

The Most Unorthodox Flying Pokémon in Each Generation

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The Karate Kid Has Nothing on Me

chopsticks fly like a ninja restaurant - 8355649792
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