Video of a Trump supporter woman who doesn't think that coronavirus is real

MAGA Lady Straight Up Denies That Coronavirus Exists

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Do Not Touch Me

Funny object-label meme that shows someone shaking hands saying they need to work together to stop coronavirus, above a photo of someone washing their hands afterward
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You Wind This Round, Bus Graffiti Guy...

Canada flute flu - 7935844096
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Troll Stomach

flu sick sweet jesus - 8325202944
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Do What You Can to Combat the Flute Epidemic

flu flute - 8088571136
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Screw the Flu

sick day flu all the things - 8014023936
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Now You're Going to Get ME Sick!

flu germs herpderp sick - 7816918784
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No, Mom! LESS Blankets!

flu blankets sick - 7728011264
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Monthly Sickness

spring flu fever sickness - 7544927744
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Mother Nature Sucks All Year 'Round

spring allergies summer flu cold mother nature sickness seasons sunburn winter funny fall - 7511053312
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Sleeping With a Cold Sucks

stuffy nose flu fever cold sleeping funny - 7485721600
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Because We Care

flu fever pills sick funny - 7459573760
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I Have Always Gone to School Sick Since Then

you what have you done sick day flu truancy story - 7359493120
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flu cold - 7252590336
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Mother of Clear Sinuses!

stuffy nose flu fever sweet jesus nose - 7240991744
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Scumbag DayQuil

medicine flu fever sick - 7167879168
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