Funny memes about plants, growing plants, gardening, green thumbs

A Thriving Crop of Plant Memes For Green Thumbs

Growing up in Brooklyn we did a lot of walking . That walking happened on tree-lined streets and along garden-filled blocks. Some homes just had planters of petunias and left it at that. Others manicured their tiny lawns, adding tiny Japanese maples within their gates, and prickling rose bushes that (if we were lucky) would bloom twice or even thrice a year. My mom would quiz us on plant names, and if we were lucky, we'd catch glimpses of exotic plants inside peoples solariums, or make a stop a…
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Woman Gets Grandparents To Secretly Design Her Tattoo

She really got creative
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Funny memes about plants | spouse notices $200 missing bank account leonardo dicaprio laughing with a plant | Houseplants am aware effect have on women @OfficialPlantMemes The Office Idris Elba

Twenty-Three Plant Memes For Plant-Obsessed People

Plant people *really* love memes.
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Funny memes about plants | My friend coming over visit. Cactus Jerk who hasn't left house week. Umbrella Academy Vanya Five | all my friends start hitting up with houseplant questions Splantsaremygirifeiend woman dressed like cactus

Twenty-Four Plant-Powered Memes For Botanical Hobbyists

Plant people, these are for you!
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Funny memes about plants | Donald Trump leaning forward forget rotate plants @planty hoes | All nurseries are closed right now so l had get my Plänt buying urges out some other way @thirsty.plants 55,117 Tommy Seems like interested monstera. Animal Crossing

Twenty-Nine Plant Memes For People Who Consider Plants Their Children

We know you'd rather be gardening right now.
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Funny memes about plants | Let's go plant store ONLY NEED SOIL Significant other: Don't find wee bit suspicious? Osociaplant Shrek | cute, decorative pots with no drainage Woah. This is worthless! Gravity Falls

Plant Memes For People Who Would Rather Be Gardening

Plants count as pets...right?
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Funny memes about plants, house plants, gardening | plants on My plants Vs Instagram @OfficialPlantMemes It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Thor Ragnarok someone comes over Behold My Plants

21 Relatable Memes For Plant Lovers

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Funny memes about plants | Prescriptionand Imunication Services PluShots MERCHANDISE PICK-UP bwel 1219 @Thirsty.plants Pe Prosorctione PREMIUM Towel 12 160 Buth Ta Badikue Bath Ta Everyone else | the incredibles Puts plant on piano Significant other can't put plant there PLANTMEMECENTRAL plant shelf is plant shelf.

Twenty-One Plant Memes For Those With A Green Thumb

Green thumbs unite!
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Funny memes about flowers | People work flower delivery business Customers dying Coronavirus Flower funeral business is booming trying kombucha for the first time | spider man after finding random flower and looking up my mom: This one's

Seventeen Niche Flower Memes For Amateur Florists

These are for the flower people!
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Yeah I'm Gonna Need More Than 'A Little'

Funny meme that reads, "Maybe a little lavender would help reduce your stress. Me: ..." above a photo of a woman lying on a bed completely covered in lavender
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15 Silly Plant Memes For The Aspiring Botanists

15 Silly Plant Memes For The Aspiring Botanists

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Funny parody of a bot-written perfume commercial, keaton patti.

Genius Parody Of A Bot-Written Perfume Ad Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

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They've Got Fun And Games

Caption that reads, "Guns n Roses have really toned it down" above a sign that reads, "Welcome to the garden - please respect the rules" above some made-up lyrics from 'Welcome to the Jungle'
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Pic of a toddler holding a baby chick up to a flower with the caption, "Smell the goddamn flower you piece of shit baby chicken"
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Yes, They're All Pikachus

Funny meme about pokemon and moms.
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Oddly satisfying pics, oddly satisfying gifs, color.

30+ Oddly Satisfying Pics And Gifs That Are Pure Visual Therapy

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