That, And I Magically Start Flossing Again

Funny meme about brushing your teeth more than normal in order to prepare for a dentist appointment toothbrush loaded with toothpaste | you have a dentist appointment
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Video: Kid Flossing To Bagpipe Cover Of 'Mamma Mia' Is Our New Hero

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15 Toothy Dentist Memes That Deserve A Plaque

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Damn Dentists

Caption that reads, "Me: My wife left me, I lost my job, life sucks, what am I doing wrong? Dentist: *Rips off therapist costume* IT'S BECAUSE YOU DON'T FLOSS" above a stock photo of a guy talking to a therapist
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Believe Me

Caption about the dentist stabbing your gums 30 times during a cleaning telling you to floss more, above a pic of Donald Trump saying, "Wrong"
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Forget Science, This Has Practical Uses

web comics teeth flossing Forget Science, This Has Practical Uses
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web comics dentist flossing Of COURSE I Have!
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I Always Promise to Do Better

Bar Graph dentist flossing hygiene - 4605496320
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Is It That Obvious?


Always Floss Before Bed

Sexy Ladies bed flossing funny underwear - 8372568832
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The Downside of Getting Back Into Dental Hygiene

flossing web comics - 8225819392
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Every Day, I Swear

dentists flossing true blood - 7101597952
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You Don't Know My Life, Old Man

dentists flossing Pie Chart - 5336734976
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Of Course I've Been Flossing

dentists flossing Line Graph teeth - 6324621056
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Is That Cause Your Using Blood Flavored Floss?

best of week Blood dentist flossing Pie Chart - 5441599232
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Scumbag Dentist

Blood dentist flossing gums Memes - 5411098368
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