You Brought This Upon Yourself, Kid...

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Urban Wingsuit Flying in Rio de Janeiro

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Created by SatevisM ( Via Youtube )

Need to Pee on the Plane

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That's Gonna Be One Uncomfortable Flight

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Via Pleated Jeans

Peeing on the Airplane

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Surprisingly Beautiful Pelicans in FLight

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Epic Gangnam Style Win

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Created by narubleageta

Lifting Off in The News

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Two Pilots

Anti-Joke Chicke anti joke chicken birds flight kindergarten - 6367728384
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Kitty Copter

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Created by kussese ( Via Yes, this is real. )

I Like the Way You Smell

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Nothing's Gonna Happen

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Captain Rex: The Worst

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Created by CaptainRex4Ever
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Best of April Fools: Kid Free Flights!

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Do Not Ask to Play with Them, Either!

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Created by GalderGollum

Personal Helicopter

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