An Important Distinction

Caption that reads, "The plot thickens for seemingly no reason" above pics of a Pringles can that reads, "Bursting with more flavor* *than before"
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Fifty Shades of Guy

guy fieri fifty shades of grey Fifty Shades of Guy
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Kids These Days Can't Even Eat Crayons Like We Used To

Kids These Days Can't Even Eat Crayons Like We Used To
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Protection From Blandness

funny memes ramen flavor packet looks like condom

If You're Reading This It's Too Salty

funny memes guy fieri straight outta flavortown

Fruit Stripe Gum

gum taste chewing gum flavor - 7012116480
By Viper-commander

Taste the Rainbow

candy color taste the rainbow flavor - 6948592384
By Unknown

It's All About the Shades

cool sunglasses literalism flavor double meaning - 6823329024
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Meanwhile at TFL...

dogs flavor what saturday - 6668900608
By SamuelBlooBloo

Vanilla Tastes Bad

flavor wtf - 6616495104
By Unknown

And Yet, I Keep Chewing

chewing flavor gum Line Graph taste time - 6438587648
By 013594

I Ran Out of Bubble Tape!

1990s problems First World Prob First World Problems flavor gum - 6418471424
See all captions By Unknown

Unfortunately Ginger Doesn't Always Add Flavor

bad luck brian flavor ginger hair Memes salad - 6362627328
See all captions By PeterPan97

"Long Lasting Flavor" My Ass

and-its-gone flavor gum Memes South Park - 6360280576
By Bobojoe

Ugh, Some Snacks Are Just SO Judgmental!

cracker crackers double meaning flavor literalism snacks - 6345406720
Via Berger and Wyse

There's Only One Problem...

flavor gum memory Terrible Teacher test - 6302716928
By Unknown
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