funny responses to viral tiktok video of cracked egg underwater

"Mmm Land Caviar": Viewers Respond Hilariously to TikTok Diver Who Accidentally Feeds Raw Egg to a Fish

TikToker @shangerdanger posts wholesome videos of himself and his partner diving in the ocean cleaning up, looking at shells, or just hanging out with cute little sea creatures. Recently, however, the TikTok creator heard somewhere that if you cracked an egg at the bottom of the ocean “something crazy happens.” The video shoes him cracking the egg and it floats around with him and then at the end, he gets trolled by a little fish. @shangerdanger My egge friend ❤️🥚 ♬ original sound - CEO of the…
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Funny memes about fish

20 Fish Memes That You Beta Believe Are Terrible

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Seems Fishy...

Tweet that reads, "For someone who didn't start a fire, Billy Joel sure is defensive about it"
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Seems A Little Fishy

Tweet that reads, "Doctors before an X-ray be like, 'Don't worry this is perfectly safe' and then the dude goes to Egypt to press a button"
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There's Something Fishy About That Building

art building fishy - 6531309312
Created by LolhunterD

Fishy Face

Created by Unknown

Fishy Thoughts

fishy head wtf - 6320408832
Created by SlightlySardonic

We Don't Half-Ass Our Fishy Face

best of week face face paint fishy wtf - 6236659712
Created by SlightlySardonic

Wakey Wakey Fishy!

finding nemo fishy movies pixar Y U No Guy - 6128625664
Created by Bloor9408

I knew there was something fishy about it.

ancient aliens campfire fishy underwater - 5177924864
Created by Unknown

Sounds Fishy

Death fish fishy magic numbers philosoraptor raisins tank - 5184641280
Created by Miro