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Entitled Customer Complains About Being Shortchanged and Forfeits Getting Extra

She played herself
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A compilation of memes about hunting and fishing

Hunting And Fishing Memes For Country Kids

Country boy, I love you! Let's be real here… hunting and fishing are pretty fun activities. I have yet to go hunting, but I was known to brandish a fishing pole when I was a kid. My grandpa's buddy had a lake in his backyard and I had a blast reeling in fish. Ever since I became a city boy, I've been dying to do it again. Hunting and fishing aren't those activities like ice skating or rock climbing that can be done in urban areas indoors as well as in the wilderness. You really have to get dirt…
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fisherman dad takes his little girl fishing and captures the moment his daughter experiences her first heartbreak when the fish she caught breaks loose and takes her hook and bait with him

'Her first heartbreak': Fisherman Dad Shares Adorably Heartbreaking Reaction His Little Girl Has After the Fish She Catches Takes Off with Her Hook and Bait

This is why taking your daughter fishing is important, to be there for her during moments like this.
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A compilation of funny thrift store t-shirts and hats typically worn by baby boomers.

Wild Thrift Store Clothes Only A Boomer Could Love

If you've ever perused the t-shirt section at your local Goodwill Superstore, there is a good chance you've seen a boomer-core shirt . The Baby Boomer generation is very likely the first generation to express their angst via t-shirts . Think about it: anti-Vietnam War protesters? The Gay Liberation Front? Would these movements have been possible without Boomers wearing t-shirts that clearly articulated their opinions? I don't think so. Since their youth, the boomer t-shirt industry has grown in…
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Sassy Karen Wins Hearts With Savage Takedown Of Trespasser

What are those?
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Octopus Escapes Fishing Boat With Incredible Skill

He's done this before
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Image of a Lobsterwoman Lobbing One off Her Boat Gets the Meme Treatment

An epic image by photographer @jrinaldi5 has gone viral for all the right reasons. The crustacean-tossing lobsterwoman pictured is 101-year-old Virginia Oliver, and according to the Boston Globe , she's been trapping lobsters since she's was 8 years old (that's before the Great Depression!) No wonder she looks so blasé as she expertly pitches the undersized creature back to the sea—it's muscle memory at this point. Obsessed with this picture from the Boston Globe of a lobsterwoman yeeting one t…
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Sexy Dave

Funny tweet about a fisherman wearing sexy fishnets | tommy bayer invention of fish net stockings fisherman 1: help! i got caught in the fish net! is it just me or is dave looking a little... hot? no dave is definitely being hot rn
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Funny memes about fishing

Funny Fishing Memes For When You'd Rather Be Casting

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17 Stupid Fishing Memes That Aren't Up For Da Bait

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Ironic Fishing Memes Are Our Supremely Dank Catch Of The Week

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Such A Sweet Moment

Caption that reads, "'Robert?' 'Yeah?' 'Watcha thinkin' about?'" above a pic of a shark lying next to a guy on a fishing boat
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So Brave

Funny meme comparing person "fishing" in a pool to the television show the deadliest catch.
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Ready, Set, Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiishing!

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narration fishing snoop dogg Video win - 81946113

Listen to Snoop Dogg Give the Best Narration of Catching a Catfish

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That Lad Drinks Like a Fish

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