First World Problems

Gets 'Em Every Time

"Security guard: You can't bring outside food in here; Me: This is a service burrito"
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16 First-World Rebels Share The Little Things They Do To Stick It To The Man

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25 Of Your Favorite OG Memes That Will Forever Remain In Our Hearts

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17 First-World Problems That'll Make You Cry Into Your Coach HandBag

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17 First-World Anarchists That'll Make You Say 'Frigg The Police'

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Collection of funny and pathetic first world problems.

20 Life-Shattering First World Problems That Will Make Your Eyes Roll

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Funny meme about how when women have problems in their lives they post an inspirational quote or image and then proceed to not change anything.
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Watch Bob Ross' Very First Episode of His Painting Show

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Gaming Gets Deep Un Your Subconcious

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Absolutely the Worst

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Well Guess Where Those Oysters Are

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Since When is That a First World Problem?

First World Problems - 8234755584

First World Mario Kart Problems

Mario Kart mario kart 8 First World Problems - 8208652544
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Finding Your Place is Hard in This World

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Former Marine Buddy Said This


First World Office Problems