first world anarchy


Absolute Madlads Who Need To Be Reined In

What happens when you mix first world anarchy with cringey people on the internet? Absolute madlads. And there's an entire subreddit dedicated to this kind of tongue-in-cheek male rebellion. r/madlads is an incredible archive of of this behavior. From teens who think they're tough to brazenly dumb YouTube commenters, these posts and memes are delicious displays of cringey (and sometimes wholesome) hilarity. 

Funny pics and posts from absolute madlads, cringey comments, cringey posts, reddit posts | OMFORT LLTD Ne1234340 ACTION Looking straight at camera 1h 1m 2s videoclip special 700 abona 7 views 2 Share Download Save Joshua Balázs SUBSCRIBE 707 subscribers | yearbook photo lost game
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