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Dude Throws Bike at Guy Engulfed In Flames Who Refuses to 'Stop, Drop, and Roll'

Why did he do that?
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firefighters malicious compliance - 16934661

Manager Late For Forced Web Meeting on Employee's Day Off, Witnesses Literal flames Via Zoom

This volunteer firefighter was threatened to be fired while attending a fire.
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A compilation of memes about firefighters and firefighting

Firefighter Memes For Firefighters, Volunteer or Otherwise

When you're a kid, you're presented with very few jobs that you could pursue in the future. Everyone wants to be a doctor, spaceman, or cop, but all of these occupations pale in comparison to being a firefighter . Gun to my head, if I had to choose one of the “babies first dream job” jobs, the firefighter would be at the top of my list. That's not just because of their rad calendars or because I'd rather be a house fire victim than become a doctor or a cop. I feel like firefighters have a prett…
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The Chosen One

Funny meme about the perfect name for a firefighter, les mcburney | The Cultured Ruffian @CulturedRuffian There's no such thing as a perfect name for a firefighter Lieutenant Les McBurney Sun Prairie Fire department
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Swole Firefighters

Funny meme about firefighters vs cops, swole doge vs cheems | I ran into a burning house for the third time In a row to save a kitten pwotesters scary
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Doesn't Look That Trapped To Me

Funny headline that reads, "Parrot trapped on roof keeps telling fire crew to 'f**k off'"
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Damn, That's Dark

Funny tweet about firefighters eating sausage made from pigs they saved.
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Who Hurt You?

Funny tweet about firemen.
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This Is An Emergency

Funny meme of a firefighter on line with water at grocery store.
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He Found His Calling

firefighter les mcburney
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Firefighters Fighting a Drone

firefighters gifs water fight drone drones - 8514400000
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My Kind of Firehouse

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firefighters gaming GTA V Video - 66498561

Firefighters in GTA V Will Straight Up Murder Fools

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Now the Firefighters Can Laugh Before They Put a Fire Out

firefighters mario - 8349935360
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Rookie Firefighters

dogs firefighters gifs dachshund - 8225730048
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FIrefighters Rescue a KItten

firefighters gifs Cats - 8212065280
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