Twitter users and people share the weirdest and dumbest reasons they got in trouble at work, bad jobs, work,, lol, humor

15+ People Share the Weirdest Reasons They Got in Trouble at Work

Some bosses are truly out of their minds.
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Dude gets fired after sharing meme, boss' son attacks him via text

Dude Gets Fired Over Sharing A Meme And Then Bullied By Boss' Son

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Make This Happen

Funny meme about getting fired
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Smooth As Hell

Facebook status that reads, "My homie Marquise got fired from McDonald's the other day cause he was putting his mixtape in people's Happy Meals LMFAO"
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Working Hard

fired work Office webcomics - 9071727872
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Poor Guy Was Just Trying to Give a Rundown on His Tree Survey...

trees fired funny wordplay web comics - 8806548992
Via Alex Hoffman

When You Get Fired and Need Space From Everything

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The Person Responsible Has Been Sacked

funny memes peter thought it would be funny
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You're Fired Bill

fired you had one job bill funny - 8316845568
By Unknown

Can I Just Get Off This Once, Sir?

fired police work - 8330131200

Getting Fired

fired sad but true work web comics - 8323398144
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twitter fired revenge - 141317

Chef Takes Glorious Revenge on the Restaurant That Allegedly Wrongfully Terminated Him

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Proud Parent

fired bosses work parenting texting - 7830134784
By Unknown

Oh God I'm Gonna Die

boss fired bad poker face oh god why - 7604738304
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And What a Joke it Is

fired joke funny - 7436173824
By Walkaida

I'm SO Getting Fired for This...

customer service fired kids - 7135736320
By Thomasedurand
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