Where there's smoke, there's fire. These smokey jokes will have you peering through the haze for more. Just don't get too close to these raging puns and jokes, you might get burned.

Build a Man a Fire

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Making Fire Isn't Actually a Great Superpower to Have

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Watch This Mesmerizing Video of a Jawbreaker Melting

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Not the Ideal Warm Kind of Fire

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Well, That's Not Good

fire safety irony Well, That's Not Good
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Then Tell the Cops It's Not Arson, It's Just a Prank, Bros!

prank fire dont try this at home Then Tell the Cops It's Not Arson, It's Just a Prank, Bros!
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That Works

fire signs swimming That Works
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Spittin' Them Fire Beats

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Early Bromagnon Man

web comics fire do you even lift Early Bromagnon Man
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How to Gently Tell Your Buddy He Wears Too Much Axe

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If You Can't Handle Grandma's Mixtape, Get Out of the Kitchen

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Life Hack to Reseal a Plastic Bag So Your Doritos Don't Get Stale

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The People of Alaska Have Made Their Voices Heard; They Want to Elect the Hottest Candidate in 2016

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Hurry, Get Out Of Hair!

web comics fire mistake Hurry, Get Out Of Hair!
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I Do Seem to Be Getting Bigger, Though

web comics fire hungry I Do Seem to Be Getting Bigger, Though
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