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RealityMachina's Bonding and Time Travelers Mod Let's XCOM 2 Soldiers Hook up and Instaproduce Children

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New Mod Makes XCOM 2 More Like Fire Emblem

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Chrom is a Boss

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Created by Travis_Touchdown

Chrom Tries to be Chill

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Still a Better Choice Than Donald Trump

democratic candidates fire emblem character
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Another Game, Another Opportunity for a Perfect Name

funyn fire emblem name
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fire emblem honest trailers Video - 78374657

TFW Playing Fire Emblem Means You're a Sweaty Neckbeard

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Why so Salty, Lucina?

fire emblem Fan Art lucina - 8752378880
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Fire Emblem Fates is Out, are You Playing?

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Oh Nintendo, That Really Rustled My Jimmies

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Typical Nintendo

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Grey Face Storms Into Battle!

video game memes bet its a fire emblem character
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Waifu Emblem

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Created by Travis_Touchdown

Think About It

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Filthy Subhumans

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Created by Travis_Touchdown

He Knows Just What We Want

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