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A compilation of funny memes about Disney

The Best Disney Memes of the Week (January 28, 2023)

There has been a lot of drama in the Disney community this week, and it's all because of one theme park ride closing. Splash Mountain is not going away forever, but instead getting rethemed from featuring characters from Song of the South to Princess and the Frog . Splash Mountain was my favorite ride at Disneyland when I was a kid. It was the log flume at its peak form, with incredible animatronics and an epic 5-story drop. Even though I have a lot of nostalgia for it, I support the retheme. I…
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A compilation of random funny memes

Loyal Memes That Won't Leave You For Somebody Else

Memes love you. Memes will never leave you randomly one night without warning, never to be seen again. The memes you have stored on your phone will be with you for as long as you want, and they won't leave unless you ask them to. If you politely and amicably split with your memes, they will be cordial and respectful. Memes won't leave your phone in the middle of the night, go into the city doing God knows what with God knows who, and sneak back into your phone at 6 AM and think you won't notice…
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Home Worker Finds Solidarity After Admitting She Needs "Emotional Support Movie" Put On In The Background To Do Her Job

It's comforting, apparently
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funny tinder conversations | Eric 34 10 kilometres away Am cute? No. Do have great personality and sense humor make up Also no. 6'1 SHARE ERIC'S PROFILE SEE FRIEND THINKS REP ERIC X | Would like cheesy pickup line or an animal fact? Today 1:51 PM like know why even swiped right If had guess 's probably because type girl who fishes some type self worth so go on tinder get strangers compliments feed ego. Which caused swipe right order get compliment and attention so desperately need.

Tinder Memes & Moments That Deserve A Swipe Right

Tinder is still funny even when it doesn't work for you.
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Cannot Unlearn

Funny meme about finding nemo
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Various Memes

36 Various Memes That'll Make Your Day Just A Little Funnier

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Funny random memes, dank memes, funny memes, hilarious memes, disney memes, cats.

21 Assorted Memes For Your Friday Enjoyment

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magical disney memes

29 Magical Disney Memes To Help You Relive Your Pure Childhood

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Random dank memes, finding nemo, anime, dragon ball z, shrek, spongebob.

Spice Up Your Day with 23 Super Dank Memes

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Funny meme about Finding Nemo.
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Funny meme about how the cameramen of finding nemo held their breath.
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More Deep Thoughts

Funny meme about woman thinking her significant other is thinking about other women, he's thinking about the movie Finding Dory.
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I'll Never See Marlin The Same Way

Funny meme about Finding Nemo and if it were scientifically accurate.
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What A Way To Go

funny meme about almost dying while holding your breath during finding nemo.
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Time Sure Does Fly

Funny meme about Dory from finding Nemo, asking if you feel old yet - picture of a filet o fish from McDonald's.
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Collection of funny memes about cats, dogs, donald trump, old people, star wars, grocery shopping, adoption, school, weed.

16 of Today's Best Memes and Comics

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