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Some Of The Best Uses Of Snapchat's Inescapable ‘Pixar Filter’

Creepy or cute?
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'Mexico In American Movies' Is A Sepia-Toned Meme That We're Really Digging Right Now

'Mexico In American Movies' Memes Roast Hollywood's Stylistic Choices

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Funny video of a reporter who accidentally had his Facebook filters turned on during a live broadcast

Oblivious Reporter Accidentally Turns On Facebook Filters During Live Broadcast

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Funny pictures from the age filter app

The New FaceApp Age Filter Has The Internet Goin' Geriatric

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instagram filter - 8970403072
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This Hamster Was Born to Snapchat

hamster snapchat filter This Hamster Was Born to Snapchat
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They Taste Even Better Than Normal in Walden!

double meaning filter homophone instagram literalism - 6561866752
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filter instagram performance photography tupac - 6124311296
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Next Step: Ctrl+X

Command double meaning filter knife literalism Photo photoshop - 5148524544
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Insanity Wolf Is Unfiltered

cancer cigarettes filter Insanity Wolf smoke - 4829331200
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