Insecure Girlfriend Inspires Thread About DMs From Jealous Partners

Twitter user @fillegrossier reminded us that even the most innocent of direct messages with strangers can lead to some seriously unhinged jealousy. After sharing an anecdote about a dude's girlfriend getting mad at their dms about seltzer, other people chimed in to share completely unnecessary reactions to innocent messages or even automated game notifications. The insanity (and insecurity) may surprise you.

twitte thread about jealous girlfriend in dms, seltzer ranking | SadeVEVO @fillegrossiere woke up haunted by girl DMed on here say do u know my bf said just mutuals don't really know him she responded and said "well read all ur DMs him went look at my DMs with him and they were us going back and forth ranking seltzer | Miss Mortis @MementoMortis_ Replying fillegrossiere Same energy Can not like my boyfriend's pictures on Instagram? Thanks bf is my cousin lol Agnew Delivered doesn't give right
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