Sometimes The Blow You Throw Hurts You The Most

Funny FAIL gif of a girl that kicks toward her opponent but instead of inflicting damage, she falls flat down.

Prepping For a Fight

sports gifs glasses fights funny - 7672845312

There's Only One Man to Solve This Problem

superheros gifs fights Subway funny - 7641122816
Created by Iron-man01

If You Are Drunk And Don't Know How to Fight, Don't Fight

FAILS drinking gifs fights funny - 7628760576

Don't Pick on Nerds Who Have +2 Melee

nerds gifs fights funny - 7592276736

Have a Nice Trip

ouch FAILS gifs fights trips funny - 7463676160
Created by surrow

How I See Arguments on Cheezbuger Between Religious People And Atheists

religion gifs fights jk - 6853040128
Created by Iron-man01

Better Than Revenge

gifs revenge fights Office computer - 6765017600
Created by Valenka

Realistic Fighting Game

fights gifs idiots sad but true Videogames video games - 6628989696
Via College Humor

Jedi Gang Fight

fights gangs gifs Jedi mindwarp star wars wtf - 5012589312
fights parody Pokémemes Pokémon psa rights Video - 17115905

Fight for Your Right to Poké

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Lava Cures All

fights win web comics justin bieber - 8309134848
Via The Web Comic Factory
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