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Funny meme about the matrix, work memes, office, office life, desks, open office plan.
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22 Obscure Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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His Name Is Robert Paulson

Funny ,meme about repeating someone's name over and over so that you remember it.
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Would Go

Funny meme about an idea to open a 90's themed bowling alley called Memory Lanes, featuring artwork from Jurassic Park, Fight Club and the witches.
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The First Rule of Fight Club

Man and woman are talking, he asks her what they should talk about. The woman replies "Fight Club." Because the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club, they say nothing at all.
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Doesn't Anybody Listen to the Rules?!

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How It Really Ended: Fight Club, According to the Novel

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So That's What KFC Stands For

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Jesus, That Was a Spoiler

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Chuck Palahniuk's Newest Novel Will Leave You Speechless

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First Rule of Smash Bros.

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Bathroom Wisdom, and Cynicism

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I Think You Can Guess What the First Rule of Thermodynamics Is

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This Is What Rule #3 Should Address

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Ants Always Keep Their Mouth Shut

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Ants Are Violent

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