Fever is when the body temperature of a person is higher than normal. It can be caused by various reasons and illnesses. 


Caption that reads, "Me: Immune system, why do I have a fever? Immune system: Because the infection can't survive very long above 98.6 degrees, so I rose the temperature to kill it!' Me: I also can't survive very long above 98.6 degrees;' Immune system: ..." above Surprised Pikachu meme
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Not All Illnesses Are the Same

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Monthly Sickness

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Sleeping With a Cold Sucks

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Because We Care

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Mother of Clear Sinuses!

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The Cure for Fever

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Scumbag DayQuil

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Standing Fixes More Than You Think

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Things I've Learned From Christopher Walken

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I Gotta Have More Cowbell!

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Sorry My Hands Are So Clammy

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Anti-Joke Chicken: Cowbell Is Not a Remedy

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Fever Smells Delish!

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Beware the Bieber Hordes

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