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Empowering Memes For International Women's Day (March 8, 2023)

Happy IWD!
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Female TikTokers Go Wild for 'Sexy' Guy That Mystifies The Rest of the Internet

This is the female gaze?
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Guy solves gender conflicts by telling people to be nicer to each other in viral tiktok

Dude Solves The Gender Wars With Genius TikTok

If you've been online at all since 2015, you have likely encountered discourse about gender and dating that is, at best, kind of strange and, at worst, explicitly violent. These micro-discourses can be summed up with the all-encompassing phrase, “The Gender Wars.” Now, if you're a normal person and not extremely online, you might wonder what that is. According to a most reliable source, The Gender Wars occur when “you have women pushing the narrative that all men are misogynistic, cheaters, abu…
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Funny dank memes about being a woman | woman yelling at cat Man ranting about never getting girl having seen all sexist memes he posts | is this a pigeon men woman doing literally anything Is this get my attention

Seventeen Dank Memes For Ladies And Femmes Alike

Memes for the ladies!
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sassy memes

15 Sassy Memes For The Ladies That Will Have You Saying 'SAME'

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female hilarious ninja wtf - 6050245888
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anime boobs female jk just-kidding-relax link sexism zelda - 4047151872
Created by Mylodon

The Double Standard of 'Cross-dressing'

male female - 7754065408
Created by snaked

Welcome to the School of Hard Knocks

pregnancy learn health female - 7667034880
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Pokémon male anime pikachu female - 4455498240
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She's a Fe-Male!

iron iron maiden iron man costume halloween female abbreviation periodic table element - 6675831552
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female Star Trek - 6551993344
Created by Pete1146

SMP CLASSIC: The Hazards of the Oregon Trail

classic died female name video game - 6165661184
Via Hello With Cheese

Her Voice Isn't Bad If You'd Just Give Her a Chance

female IRL justin bieber Music - 5950587136
Created by aylalala


coke female Terrifying x ray - 5904193536
Created by bonescrub

Canadian Is Now a Gender?

Canada female fry gender male survey - 5683969024
Created by yusaku
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