People Get in the Mood for Halloween by Tweeting Their Irrational Childhood Fears

People Get in the Mood for Halloween by Tweeting Their Irrational Childhood Fears

All of our phobias are the same
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Vacationer Has Phobia of Michael Jackson, is Forced to Confront Fear with Impersonator

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People Bond Over Irrational Fear Of Opening Emails

Gmail notifications = scary :(
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Funny memes about attracting what you fear | D-O @prettyboyDO attract fear DAD @LeoKolade Omg so scared 10 Billion | THEY SAY ATTRACT WHATYOU FEAR 000H IM SO SCARED ALOVING EMBRACEOHNO000

Dumb Memes About Attracting What You Fear

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Twitter memes that address things people were scared of as kids | tweet by galaxybrainboi @koolaid_01 vs my childhood fear. Those faces are evil as fuck bro teletubbies tinky-winky dipsy laa laa po

People Face Their Childhood Fears With This Amusing Twitter Meme

The fears we had as kids were pretty nonsensical.
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Seriously Scarring

Funny meme about Willy wonka boat scene, movies, fear
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Reveal Thyself

Funny meme about bug in the shower that disappears, naked and afraid.
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Very Scurry

Caption that reads, "Me in my room in the dark at 3am tryna figure out whether that's my jacket or a headless man standing VERY still" above a still of Spongebob lying in bed looking suspicious
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Funny tweets about childhood irrational fears.

16 People Share Their Most Irrational (And Hilarious) Childhood Fears

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Only '90s Kids Will Remember These

Caption that reads, "You haven't known real fear until you've tried to use one of these" above pics of little rubber toys that pop up
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funny memes about what scares you the most, tumblr, reddit, obvious plant, know your meme.

12 Memes That Hilariously Confront What Scares You The Most

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Funny web comic about fear of missing out - FOMO.
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fear funny - 9025132288
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fear sharing web comics - 8986345216
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Sometimes You Have Reasons to Fear Your Own

fear sharks web comics - 8154006016
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But What If It Happens?

web comics fear nose picking But What If It Happens?
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