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Father Compares Mother to Newest Flavor of the Month, Daughter Cuts off Communication With Father

Father Compares Mother to Newest Flavor of the Month, Daughter Cuts off Communication With Father

Divorce is never easy, however, when kids are involved, that's an entirely different ball game. You don't just get to get a divorce and walk your separate ways, but you are forever tied together whether you like it or not. So, in my humble opinion, if that's the case, why not make it as pleasant as possible for all parties involved? The account that follows is the story of a daughter of divorced parents who feels she has reached the tipping point and can no longer maintain a relationship with h…
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A Dump Truck of Dad Jokes and Puns to Wrap Up Father's Day

Dad jokes are basically my favorite kind of joke. First, you don't have to be a Dad to tell them. My friend Jonathon is the most consistent purveyor of the specific type of humor, and peppers our hangouts with some seriously Dad-worthy riffs. I think it's because he's Canadian. Second, while not everyone will laugh at a dad joke, they usually have the ability to elicit a healthy eye roll, groan, or scoff once they've been told, and where jokes are concerned, even a minor reaction is satisfying.…
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Funny tweets about the most dad things people have done in the year 2019 | Ryan Nanni @celebrityhottub As do every Father's Day is time us share most Dad thing did this year Being father is not requirement participate will go first developed extensive opinions about dried fruit options. | Ray Schmitt @r_aymo Replying celebrityhottub Told my wife all water toys don't need be our front yard every day let kids neighborhood kill someone else's grass could barely believe said 1:26 PM 6/16/19 Twitter

Paternal Souls Share The Most 'Dad' Things They've Done This Year

Father's Day may have been this past Sunday, but dad behavior is always funny. Twitter user Ryan Nanni decided to pay respects to all dads by asking people to share their most dad-like moments of 2019. The responses did not disappoint. From obsessive compulsively crafty behaviors, to curmudgeonly resistance to socializing, all of these people deserve a fatherly pat on the back.
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Wholesome Fatherly Memes to Celebrate Dads on Father's Day

Hi meme, I'm dad
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'Are you a Metallica or a Bruce Springsteen dad-rock kind of father?': Funniest dad rock memes for every genre of rockin' pops

Are you teaching your kid they're born to run or that they're master of puppets?
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60 Dad Memes & Jokes Just in Time for Father's Day

Get ready for some groans.
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Funny jokes about dads, dad jokes, memes, fatherly memes, fathers, father's day | Dad Let's watch movie 55 Also dad 5 min into movie Adios OCLASSICDADMOVES | GIVES DADS FEELINGS POWER MONEY STATUS Getting airport at least 4 hours early @iamnotenartisk. OCLASSICDADMOVES

24 Dad Memes Brimming With Fatherly Humor

Brace yourself for lawn-related content.
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'Asian Ron Swanson' Twitter Thread Is A Wildly Entertaining Father's Day Tribute

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Funny bad jokes dad jokes and puns. | Sculpture -  does NASA organize party? They planet S121E06583

20 Cringe-Worthy Dad Jokes Of Epic Proportions

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Bad dad jokes, dad jokes for father's day.

37 Cringey Dad Jokes That'll Prepare You For Father's Day

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Pic of a piece of cake where the some of the text got cut off and the rest reads, "Ha fat;" snapchat overlay reads, "I was handed this piece of cake today..."
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29 Awfully Cringey Dad Jokes Just In Time For Father's Day

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Dads Can Be Hardcore Too

"My dad turns up his podcast next to kids who are blasting their music"
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Jimmy Kimmel Honors Father's Day Tradition With Compilation of Kids Pranking Their Dads

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Happy Father's Day!

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Get a New Dad to Wish Happy Fathers Day!

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